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Dr. James Fowler and his wife, Dr. Barb, opened First Step Chiropractic in October of 2005 with the mission of providing an exceptional chiropractic experience to as many people as possible! Since that time Dr. Fowler has helped almost 12,000 patients live a happier, healthier life without drugs or surgery.

Dr. Fowler takes first class care of each and every patient and the staff bends over backwards to ensure each and every patient is their number one priority. Dr. Fowler does a thorough health history, chiropractic examination, precise, structural X-rays, and a personalized report of findings to determine EXACTLY what is going on and whether it is a chiropractic issue.

From there, if Dr. Fowler accepts your case he lays out a comprehensive plan to work WITH you and help each patient achieve maximum results and reach their full health potential.

Education & Background

Dr. Fowler completed his bachelors degree at Eastern Michigan University.  He graduated from the honors program, magna cum laude.   

Dr. Fowler then attended and graduated from the prestigious Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, TX and served as the President of the Neurology and the Nutrition Club. He is trained in more than 9 different chiropractic techniques and has the honor of taking care of day old infants, competitive athletes, and everyone in between.

Dr. Fowler utilizes the arthrostim and vibrocussor instruments as well as manual and table assisted adjusting. He ensures that adjustments are tailored to each patient’s personal preference and treatment needs. 

Since 2005 First Step Chiropractic has grown to a 2000 square feet facility with on-site state of the art equipment including digital x-ray, a touch screen paperless patient note system and vibration posture based rehab technology. We also offer a full line of nutritional supplements from Standard Process and chiropractic blends.

Since graduating Dr. Fowler has been a coach for other Chiropractors wanting to learn best practices and also speaks around the county on training for Chiropractors and their office staff. 

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"Dr. Fowler has things organized in such a way that I always get right in, and I am in and out in 15-30 minutes, with convenient appointment times. He is very caring and competent. My husband was always a skeptic, until I convinced him to come to Dr. Fowler. Now he is a believer!"

- Carmella V.

"Dr. Fowler and his staff are awesome!! I have been seeing Dr. Fowler for about 2 years now and feel a great improvement. I finally got my mom and other love ones to allow him to help with their ailments. If you are having any back pain or any relating heatth issues go see Dr. Fowler and let him work his magic."

- Jennifer M.

"I highly recommend Dr Fowler to anyone suffering with neck, back, or any other pains. He also has a great Diet plan that works as well. I lost 27 lbs!! Thanks Dr. Fowler!!"

- Stephen M.

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3538 Lakeview Parkway #100

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