Posture and Increased Blood Pressure – 5 Tips to Improve your Posture in Rowlett

Posture and Increased Blood Pressure in Rowlett

Chiropractic Rowlett TX Posture

Read this article from your local Rowlett chiropractor to learn about how posture can affect your health.

5 tips To Improve Your Posture in Rowlett

Science has shown that just poor posture can raise blood pressure. There is actually a neurological link between poor posture and increased blood pressure. As your posture comes forward this puts more pressure on the heart and lungs. We are designed to stand on two feet and stand all the way up on a daily basis. Less than this over time has dramatic effects on our health and organ systems.

The Best Way to Create Great Posture is to…

  • Stand all the way up.
  • Pull the curve of your low back forward – increase the arch.
  • Touch your shoulders with your fingertips with your elbows out to your sides.
  • Now drop your arms to the sides keeping the same upright posture

Once you are here take a deep breath. Feel how you can now increase your rib moment and ability to take a deep breath.

This is the position that you are supposed to be in 75% of the day. If sitting the same rules apply.

When we spend less than 75% of our time in this position, this will erode your health daily. This can be anything from hunching at a computer or laptop, curling your spine over your iphone, or spending too much time in a recliner or soft couch.

Here are the top 5 tips to help your posture and health on a daily basis.

Our Family Chiropractic Clinic, First Step Chiropractic, in Rowlett Texas focuses on improving health naturally through chiropractic adjustments, posture exercises, and health education

  • Get Adjusted – In a one minute adjustment you can overcome months of bad posture in the spine. Notice after your adjustments how you can breathe easier and move better. The better your spine functions and moves the more pressure is off your nerves. Most people see a decrease in blood pressure after adjustments
  • Set a timer during the day or set up a “pattern interrupt” like a sticker where you see it that reminds you to sit up straight.
  • Change your environment. This might mean adding a back support to increase the lumbar curve. We love and sell the Back Vitalizers because they can also be used like a posture ball to sit on. Adding support goes for your commute, traveling, your desk and also your couch or recliner. Changing your posture environment might also mean raising your monitor or laptop screen. My favorite laptop tip is to put it on a two inch three ring binder. You can still type but it raises the screen significantly.
  • Take a two minute breathing break. Most of us have learned to breathe in a stressed short breath. This means that the shoulders are pulled forward and you are using the neck and upper muscles of the chest. A great breath should have shoulders back. All the ribs, from the diaphragm up, should move up and out. You should breathe in slow, hold it for three seconds, and breathe out even slower through the mouth if you want to relax.
  • Do your posture exercises at night. Before you go to bed roll up a towel so that is about two feet long and three inches wide. Lay this in your bed so it will go up and down your spine. Lay on it and breathe for ten minutes. You will thank me in the morning.


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